3R-BIOFARM up-cycling centre

3R Pyrolysis - BioPhopsphate - Nutrient Recovery - Agri-Biotech Up-cycling Centre


3R-BIOFARM Up-cycling Centre (http://www.3rbiofarm.com) is situated in a fully permitted 30 ha agri-industrial site in Trans-Danubia, Hungary (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/wHxmZ7J1ChJ2 ). The 3R-Biofarm Upcycling Centre is providing sustainable, safe, resilient & economical solutions and giving excellent place for different, yet complementary activities where our philosophy is fostering a relationship and reconnecting people to Nature. 

Our main activities are related to the Phosphorus and nutrient recovery, biomass valorization, innovative agricultural biotechnology, renewable energy and water treatment. The core competence of the 3R-Biofarm Upcycling Centre is the ecological recycling and added value reuse of unexploited biomass by specific and advanced high temperature 3R Zero Emission pyrolysis and biotech means and production of biobased fertilisers and adsorbents. The specific works include zero emission pyrolysis technology (carbonization, torrefaction) and biomass added value utilization processes, with commercial objective driven production of innovative natural BioPhosphate recovered organic fertilizer products. 

The Biofarm facility is also providing a unique testing and demonstration facility for agricultural applied research and demonstration actions in 30 ha area to scale-up innovative agro-ecological and organic practices. Objective: conversion of innovative science into market competitive industrial practice. The Biofarm is Authority permitted demo site for TRL7-TRL8-TRL9 actions.

Our main units of the 3R-BIOFARM up-cycling centre:

  • Pyrolysis centre: 3R specific and innovative pyrolysis pilot/field demonstration facility.
  • Full equipped, comprehensive and high end agro biotech fermentation laboratory installation is specialized for fungus with any biotech operations.
  • Fully equipped classical and instrumental analytical laboratory for quality and safety control of BioPhosphate products. 
  • Composting facility with 1,000 t/y capacity for integrated green compost and straw based horse manure compost processing. 
  • Agri training, international conference and webinar centre for 125 visitors to practical on-site show up BioPhosphate technology and product application in practice for the agri-farmers end-users and wider community. The conference centre is also prepared to make live broadcasting in multiple languages, in case of digital connection is considered safer.
  • Circular-sustainable and self-sustaining Biogarden: Open field (3,000 m2 plot) area for ecological vegetable cultivation and 100,000 m2 for field crops for demonstration of BioPhosphate products application in practice for the end-user farmers. Greenhouse (1000 m2) ventilated and equipped with an automatic  irrigation system for own seedling production. Biogarden is dedicated for demonstration and show-up of the BioPhosphate innovative agro-ecological and organic cultivation practices for the agri-farmers  end-users and wider community. The main goal of Biofarm Biogarden is to create a national and international replication model in relation to circular-sustainable and self-sustaining ecological plant and livestock breeding. 

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