Business opportunitiy

BioPhosphate industrial licensing: an unique business opportunity for global markets

Bonechar BioPhosphate



ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate is a recovered organic phosphorus fertiliser natural product made from food grade animal bones with the advanced 3R zero emission pyrolysis, bioenergy and nutrient recovery technology.

The project is supporting rapid financial and non-financial returns. The economic rationale to impact economic decisions:

  1.  INPUT: flexibly use unexploited and wide range of renewable biomass streams with high availability at low input value/cost, and
  2.  PROCESS: upcycling  of unexploited biomass materials with the high efficient zero emission performance and energy self-sustaining 3R technology at medium CAPEX costs. High added value transformation of unexploited biomass into new products, perceived to be of greater quality and environmental/climate value with second life and new function that finished product becomes more practical and valuable than what it previously was. Upcycling is incl. recycling but at higher level, and
  3. OUTPUT: produce high added value, unique and market demanded products at low OPEX cost for wide range of applications in the agriculture, water, industry and environment/climate protection sectors.

Different alternative high-level plan business models developed to profitably operate the 3R BioPhosphate in different marketplaces, which profit maximization is impacted by two major factors, such as feed material availability/logistics and regional labour cost. Two steps business strategy planned: regional production unit and large industrial scale in 2025, which business evolution is targeting towards 100M euro revenue next coming years. The 3R system business model is flexibly open for different business cooperation, incl. hybrid business models, while for the market uptake of the BioPhosphate products interlinks to regional distributor hubs and direct sales considered.

Currently there are no safe, pure and recovered phosphorus (P) bio-products on the market with economically high (35%) P2O5 nutrient concentration. The EU phosphate demand is almost fully (84%) imported, while the low heavy metal (Cadmium/Uranium) toxic content and low cost P-reserves already depleted globally. Therefore the European Commission defined phosphorus as critical raw material (COM(2023)160). The company offers right products for right markets and right in time, when new market transition regulations towards bio-based circular economy implemented beyond 2023. The new key enabling 3R technology and BioPhosphate products open new technical, economic and environmental/climate ways in global dimension.

The project demonstrating sustainable growth of the business to deliver impact through a promising and realistic business planning, and a significant growth potential at a relatively modest capital investment, with a realistic exit strategy capable of supporting financial and non-financial returns.

Key goals: Extensive market valorisation and market capitalization of the 3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis Technology and products by 2023 to reach immense market and economical values.