3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis and Nutrient Recovery Process Industrial Development History


The 3R pyrolysis and nutrient recovery technology is aiming to enhance the total reuse of un-exploited biomass resources from agriculture and food industry, in order to economically reduce the use of mineral Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizers in safe food crop production, while minimizing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment and on climate change.

After years of RTD, advanced engineering, validation and field demonstration works, the 3R  pyrolysis and nutrient recovery technology is ready to be commercially licensed and to implement full scale industrial and production systems from the economical medium scale 2,000/year throughput capacity towards large scale 20,800/year throughput capacity.

CURRENT STATUS: The status of the 3R industrial pyrolysis and nutrient recovery technology is post development, industrially proven, Authority permitted and field demonstrated. It clearly reached proven full scale industrial phase, with a comprehensive fully scale up engineered design.


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