Japanese - European Friendship Plantation for the Planet

On March 26, 2019 in Torino (Grugliasco), Italy, the University of Torino – Agroinnova planted ABC-BioPhosphate nutrient supported persimmon tree from Nagasaki.

The ABC-BioPhosphate nutrition of this persimmon plant (Diospyros kaki), that survived the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, representing the Japanese - European friendship and a Plant for the Planet. In this context, the mined and chemosynthetic processed mineral phosphate, from which the Uranium is enriched for the atomic bomb, has been replaced by the natural, renewable and organic ABC-BioPhosphate to symbolize Peace. This persimmon ABC-BioPhosphate plantation is also representing the opportunity for the protection of human life and health by such organic fertilizer applications for safe food production of organic fruits and rice. https://www.3Ragrocarbon.com  http://www.nutriman.net