Innovative Products targeting carbon negative biochar, recovered phosphorus fertiliser, water treatment adsorbent and bio-energy applications


The 3R industrial zero emission pyrolysis process provides safe output products, targeting carbon negative biochar, recovered phosphorus fertiliser and bio-energy applications. Industrialisation of Refined Carbon & Graphene products.

ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate: 

BioPhosphate logoBioPhosphate is a safe horticultural product for natural recovered Phosphorus fertiliser supply (>30% total Phosphate as P2O5), plant growth promotion with multiple effects in organic/low input farming cultivations.  The feed selection is all depending on the availability, logistics and production objectives. However, when natural Phosphorous is the prime economical valorization aim, food grade animal bone must be used as input mono feed. To validate BioPhosphate effects, several open field and green house cultivation tests have been performed in DE, NL, IT, IL, HU ,SI , DK under different temperate climatic and soil conditions. Both the 3R zero emission pyrolysis and nutrient recovery process and the ABC Animal Bone Char products in open ecological soil environments are EU Authority permitted. The BioPhosphate product horticultural application permit to lawfully market and commercialise: 6300/13393-2/2019, that is interlinked to EU 2019/515 that shall apply from 19 April, 2020, issued under EU regulations. Full industrial EU REACH Authority certified.

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3R Water treatment adsorbent applications: 

adsorbent-logoThe ABC Animal Bone Char (BioPhosphate) adsorbent is containing of approx. 92% calcium phosphate bio-apatite mineral and 8% carbon only with fully macroporosus structure. This adsorbent consisting of unique external and internal surface characteristics with specific material performance, which is developed during the 3R specific high material core temperature carbon refinery processing. 

In this context, the ABC adsorbent can be high efficiently utilized at wide range of filtration applications, most importantly cleaning of certain food industrial process waters and removal of potentially toxic elements from water streams. 

During application planning each applications are evaluated case by case which type of BioPhosphate to be applied.  

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3R BIOFUEL:  Bio-oil and green energy products, made by refinery of the crude pyrolysis oils:

During all pyrolysis process non-condensable gases and crude bio-oil by-products also produced. All in order to efficiently utilise crude bio-oils oil, further oil refinery is needed for production of green electricity in a environmentally ad climate sound way. In this context the 3R technology is not only auto-thermal, but also generating large about of surplus green electricity to be sold on the grid.

Graphene products:

Graphene is an allotrope (different form) of carbon and carbon-based nanomaterial, which is consisting of a single layer of atoms that are tightly bonded carbon atoms, arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb hexagonal lattice. This unique material is 200x stronger than steel, can stretch up to 25% of its original length and more electrically conductive than Copper. Graphene is a material of interest due to its high electron mobility and its possible applications in electronics. However, while graphene has been wide range researched in laboratory scale and it may be easy to isolate this one atom thick material in laboratory, but it is difficult to industrialize and produce large sheets for commercial use. Our graphene research objective is the commercial scale industrialization of this new material.