What is Bone Meal/Grist?

Bone Meal is made from selected Category 3 food grade animal bones only, collected in separate industries and processed separately, with processing under the same conditions as above (this is therefore distinct from MBM or PAP). It contains typically about 30–38% protein content, 50–62% mineral, 5–8% fat, and 7-10% moisture. Bone Meal/Bone Grist is used for production and extraction of gelatine for the human food industry; China bone (burned bone ash powder for porcelain industry); pet food and ABC Bio-Phosphate production by 3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis technology. This type of granular and 1-5 mm sized biochar product with 30% P2O5 high nutrient density is made of food grade animal bones and can be used as full value organic fertiliser or as an adsorbent.