CA20127 - Waste biorefinery technologies for accelerating sustainable energy processes


Start date - 27/10/2021

End date - 26/10/2025

By 2030, the bio-based economy is expected to have grown significantly in Europe. One of the pillars of this bioeconomy is the concept of BIOREFINERY, the sustainable processing of several kinds of waste and biomass into a spectrum of marketable products and energy. While in the past many research efforts have been conducted towards understanding, modelling and designing conversion processes that can sustain a true circular economy, this KNOWLEDGE IS QUITE FRAGMENTED and UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED across Europe. Several countries lack proper policies and public engagement to endeavour the challenges ahead. HARMONIZATION must start on ROBUST KNOWLEDGE, and the ability to cover the WHOLE VALUE-CHAIN, from source materials up to the marketable products… and that is WIRE’s mission.

The WIRE COST Action broadly organizes into 4 KEY WORKING GROUPS (WG) that bring together experts from ACADEMIA, INDUSTRY and TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER organisations and range (1) Raw Materials, (2) Biorefinery Conversion Technologies, (3) Biorefinery Applications and (4) Communication and Dissemination. These WG will proactively contribute to  (i) Promote circular economy, (ii) Promote bioenergy and bioeconomy, (iii) Promote Research & Innovation in the field (iv) Promote applied research towards biorefineries implementation (v) Promote EU-wide harmonisation of the scientific and technical approaches, thus facilitating ENGAGEMENT WITH POLICY-MAKERS and industry (vi) Pave the ground for a more effective link with the relevant INDUSTRY sectors and gathering their interest.

A series of meetings and events are planned to deliver the main aim of influencing positively the future landscape in Science and Technology in this important field of BIOREFINERIES.